Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Missing Menu

Well, I didn't get my menu posted for this week, but I thought I'd show you a healthy, simple lunch we do often here that my kids LOVE. We call it mixed picks. It lets them choose what to eat, but gives them a good variety. In the first example, I have cheddar/jack cheese cubes for protein and a variety of in season, on sale fruits and veggies. They can have ranch dressing to dip if they choose. In the second pic, we have some different choices of fruits and veggies, plus hard boiled eggs and cheddar and mozzarella cubes. The combinations are so numerous, my children never tire of this meal. You can add a slice of homemade whole wheat bread and some real butter as a nice addition. What do you guys do for a simple, healthy lunch?


Amanda Kelley said...

I love this Debbie! I've been trying making a menu the last couple of weeks. I haven't done so well this week. Hopefully it will get more of a habit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that looks colorful and delicious!