Monday, December 3, 2007

Menu Plan Monday (Finally!)

Horay for me, I'm finally going to make it to MPM! Here is what we will be eating this week. Lunches listed are what the kids eat. I usually eat leftovers or salad. I love salads with dried cranberries and nuts and seeds. Yummy. My favorite dressing is called Hendrickson's and it is fat free and 60 calories per serving and oh, so yummy. I'm not sure if it is a local brand or national, but I'm pretty sure you can order it online if you Google it. :)

Not the most exciting menu this week. I am using up a lot of what I have. So there is a lot more processed food than I would like, but hey, it's not every week right? For more menus check out Laura's blog.

Breakfast--eggs and toast, milk
Lunch--mac n cheese, fruit
Dinner--spaghetti, bread, salad

Breakfast--oatmeal, fruit, milk
Lunch--tomato soup and grilled cheese
Dinner--chicken enchiladas, homemade refried beans, chips and salsa

Breakfast--eggs, toast, milk
Lunch--PB sandwich, fruit, carrots and ranch
Dinner--grilled marinated chicken, fruit salad, heavenly eggs

Breakfast--oatmeal, toast, milk
Lunch--chicken alfredo, veggie dippers
Dinner--hot dogs and chips

Breakfast--eggs, toast, milk
Lunch--mac n cheese, fruit
Dinner--homemade pizza, veggie dippers