Sunday, January 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Well, I'm still doing well on my shiny sink challenge. This should be an interesting week for menu planning. We may be getting a decent accumulation of ice which could possibly cause us to lose power. So, I am planning some meals that could be cooked on the grill if need be. I am also making some egg salad and banana bread. I have two loaves of whole wheat bread in the freezer that I made last week. We will eat well, power or no power. :) If you want to check out other great menus, be sure to visit Organizing Junkie!

Breakfasts: Banana Bread, Oatmeal, Toast, Breakfast Burrito (we have eggs every morning with whatever else we are having)

Lunch: leftovers, grilled cheese, eggs salad sandwiches, cheesy tortillas (lunch is always served with raw fruits and veggies)


Monday: chili, cornbread, shredded cheese and sour cream

Tuesday: Baked or Grilled chicken, Day Before mashed potatoes, salad

Wednesday: Homemade pizza (can be done on the grill, so yummy!), salad

Thursday: Riblets either grilled or in the crockpot, green beans, zesty veggie salad

Friday: Pasta bake and fresh bread for the family, Mom goes to book club, taking more homemade whole wheat bread

Saturday: Family game night at the in-laws, having a potato bar.

Sunday: Soup night, still undecided what to make...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Here is my menu for the week. I am keeping it all fairly simple as I am fighting a cold this week. If any of you do the Flylady system, you should check out my other blog as I baby step my way through a Shiny Sink Challenge! If I'm feeling better later in the week, I'll add some recipes for my soups. Check out Organizing Junkie for more Menu ideas!

Monday, January 19

Breakfast: Eggs and toast

Lunch: Mixed picks (lazy susan tray of cut veggies, fruit, cheese, nuts)

Dinner: Chicken and dumplings

Tuesday, January 20

Breakfast: banana muffins and scrambled eggs

Lunch: cheese tortillas and fruit

Dinner: Chicken Chili & Mexican cornbread

Wednesday, January 21

Breakfast: oatmeal

Lunch: PB & H sandwiches, carrots and dip

Dinner: Pasta bake and homemade bread

Thursday, January 22

Breakfast: banana muffins and scrambled eggs

Lunch: Mixed picks

Dinner: leftovers

Friday, January 23

Breakfast: eggs and toast

Lunch: leftovers & salad

Dinner: eat at Grandmas

Saturday, January 24

Breakfast: muffins on the run

Lunch: eat out with hubby (kids are at grandmas)

Dinner: homemade pizza & salad

Sunday, January 25

Breakfast: eggs and toast

Lunch: Italian Sausage soup & homemade bread, salad

Dinner: Finger food fest